March Favourites 2018

March was a goood month, now time for April! BRING ON THE CREME EGGS, PASTEL COLOURS AND CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!

BUT, in order to comemorate the lovely month of March, I gathered a few things that I discovered recently and that caught my eye. So, without any further ado, since I hate it when people ramble on and on and ON, these are my March favourites 2018.

MUA Undressed Palette

If you didn’t know already, this is the dupe for the Naked palette, I mean, the colours are beautiful, and the pigment is actually decent! Not disappointed at all, 100% would recommend.


This is something my mum got, obv, it’s anti ageing, but I decided to give it a try myself and it’s really nice!! I think it’s the anti ageing part that makes this product so awesome. One of the ONLY BB CREAMS THAT ACTUALLY HAVE COVERAGE IN THEM.  Also, does that anti ageing part have anything bad to do with “young” skin? Let me know.

Sante Pressed Powder 

I saw this in a drugstore the other week, and I thought “ok then” and I actually really like this product, because the coverage is, just like the price, worth 2 pennies. And because it’s so sheer, it mattifies the face WITHOUT making it look cakey! If you see this in your local drugstore, get it. You will not regret it.

 Rimmel London Black Eyeshadow

I’ve been loving this for darkening up eye looks just on the outer corner. Again, the pigment isn’t mindblowing, but that’s just why I like it so much. Doing eyeshadow, darkening up the colours can go from “ok” to “why do i look like a raccoon” REAL QUICK. And so, less pigment = less chances of me f’ing up.

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in 3

This month I’ve been really into brown liners. Idk if it’s because of my eye colour, or the fact that most of my shadows are black, but I’ve just been loving them in the good-ol’ waterline! As this is a drugstore one, I find it even greater, because eyeliners can be expensive, and ya girl gotta buy dat food.

Gerovital Acne Treatments (Serum and Cream)

Ok, this is something I’m pretty sure you can only find if you live in the same country as me, which is Romania, but if you do find these, get them! I started slightly breaking out and went NUTS about it (which caused more acne to appear) and I immediately took manners into my own hands. Every night before bed, for a week, I washed my face with the serum, and  at mornings and evenings, I put on the cream. BOOM, CLEAR SKIN.

B&BW Peony Shower Gel

This is my all time fave scent from Bath and Body Works, it just brings the scent of spring right in your shower! I figured it would only be fitting to start using it this month, the first official month of spring (although the snow stopped here on the 28th) . Also, B&BW shower gels leave your skin silky soft! You have got to try them.


Which products have you been loving this month?


Love ya. Cheers, bye x






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