Winter Outfit Lovin’

Having said the fact that I hate dressing up the winter, I decided to take a trip to a big ol’ mall in my country and looked for clothes I would actually enjoy wearing during the cold season. And so, I found this coat.


You have NO idea how warm and SOFT this coat is UGH! I swear I wish every day was winter so that I could wear this coat every day. No joke.


I think I have found my new favourite jeans. If you’ve been a longtime reader, you will know I hardly ever shop for jeans. Hell, I have been wearing the same boyfriend jeans from H&M since September. And I thought to myself “Hey, why don’t you get a new pair?”So I did.

The perf jeans for me = high wasted + skinny fit + light colour

THESE ARE THE ONES!! Probs gonna be wearing them till October, so get used to them!

If you love this coat as much as I do, I very unfortunately could not find a similar fit online. All coats I found were short and quite tight, whereas this one is v long and baggy. If you know anywhere I could find something similar, please mention it!

The jeans, on the other hand (or leg?), are from Levi’s. ( I could not find the colour online. 🙁 )

Have you been loving any clothing items recently?

Love ya. Cheers, bye x


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