January Favourites 2018

Since we are kissing January goodbye once and for all and getting in the Valentines madness, I thought I’d share with you all the products I’ve tried and loved using this month. Here are my January favourites. By the way, I’ve added links to the titles, so if you click on them, it’ll take you straight to a store you can buy them from. This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned, just being honest! Alright, let’s get to it.

>>La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Foundation in 11<<

I love this foundation loads, because it has a semi-matte finish to it, decent coverage and it absolutely snatches the skin all along! Would really recommend for people with dry skin, since it’s quite hydrating as well.


>>PUPA Lasting Color Nail Polish in 601<<

I love this a lot because of the applicator. I have very very VERY small nails, I don’t bite them or anything, but they just take FOREVER to grow! This colour is absolutely gorgeous and so so glossy, 10/10 would recommend.


>>Bioderma Soin Intense Purifiant<<

I feel like we all have those exciting products we buy and are so pumped to try them, but completely forget about them like a week later. Same goes for this. THIS, along with a serum, will MELT your pores away. You will end up looking like a porcelain doll in NO time!! Such an amazing purchase.


>> Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Lip Balm<<

The name for this is very wisely chosen, because this SAVED MY LIFE. January is an actual murderer for my lips, they just get all dry, crusty, bleed y, and whenever I’m talking to someone, I know DAMN well they’re staring at my dry ass lips wondering what they’ve been through. Well, that no longer is a problem because of this. I have to say, I’ve used this like 24 times a day. Not even joking. It has a lovely minty hue to it, I’m obsessed!

>> Sephora Crayon Gel Intense Gel Pencil in 01 Ultra Black<<

Although the name is a pain to spell, this product is lovely. I’ve been putting it in my waterline lately and I love it!! It’s so creamy and rich, amazing!!

>>MAC Satin Lipstick in Pink Nouveau<<

To be 100% honest with you, when I saw the colour of this lipstick, I was like “Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope” , but this turned out to be such a beautiful shade, y’all know I love me a pinky lipstick. It’s such a rich formula and a very pretty finish. I like the satin’s from MAC more than the mattes, because they don’t make my lips dry for 84 years (you’ve seen how much of a problem that is for me)


>>L’Oreal Gel Liner in 01 Profound Black<<

I’ve just realised that I’ve included this in a favourites before, *sigh*. I’m sorry. This is just such an amazing product, I cannot stop using it. IT MAKES MY WINGED LINER LOOK SHARP AF. Would totally recommend.


>>YSL Black Opium Fragrance<<

This is my fave fragrance of all time baby!!! BUT, I have recently tried to get away from it a bit, to try new things, and have just come back to it and DAMN!! I forgot how good this was oml. EVERYONE compliments me on this. It’s just a must-have overall, I am in love.


>>Garnier Micellar Water<<

As much as I like having a lil pamper session from time to time, most times all I want to do is take my make-up off (if i had any on) and go straight to bed, but my skin needs an extra treat!! With this, I get all of that in one. SUCH an amazing product, GET IT. NOW.


What products have you been loving this glorious month?


Love ya. Cheers, bye x


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