Forever Alone In A World Full Of Valentines

February February February…The month the Internet is flooded with those “LOOK WHAT BAE GOT ME” photos.

At this point you’re either:

a) single and desperately wanting to be in a relationship

b) single and loving it

c) the fella that posted the damn photo


Today I am giving you the ultimate guide as to how not to get distracted by this whole mess of a situation. There are 4 simple steps that you could follow, but if you have any more tips, make sure to leave them in a comment below!


1. Embracing it

You are constantly feeling bad about yourself because everyone you know is either in a relationship, getting married, or having kids, aren’t you?In order to feel better about yourself, I recommend checking >>this<< post out.  #shamelessselfpromo


2. Avoid contact with Instagram AT ALL


Instagram can be a lovely app where you could spend your free time, but in this time of year, it gets CRAZY. I recommend staying away from your phone this period, READ A DAMN BOOK OR GO OUTSIDE. Just make sure it’s not a cheesy book and you don’t meet any couples in the streets.


3. Empower yourself!!!

We all have those songs that whenever we hear, we feel powerful, beautiful, just confident overall. And since we want to step back from all the hearts and roses and bullsh like that, what’s the answer? Noise-cancelling headphones. The team over on made a full on list where they found the absolute best noise-cancelling headphones, and you can find your own perfect pair yourself, based on  >>this<< article here.

And if you need to find the best of the best from nail clippers to pet insurance, check out, it’s a totally awesome site!

So, just grab your amazing headphones and favourite playlist and rock on baby!!!


4. FOOD.

I love food. So much. It makes everything better. Just a chocolate cookie could solve all your problems! BUT, gaining 2 pounds after each cookie, and eating a 12-pack?? HELL NAH. Skinny chocolate cookies ftw (recipe coming very soon 😉 )


Here you have it! I really do hope I’ve helped you on this topic, and hopefully, you’re feeling better about yourself!

Love ya. Cheers, bye x





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