My Favourite Mascara OF ALL TIME

What is the one make-up item you can simply not live without? For me, that’s mascara.

Mascara just pulls together any look. Your eyeshadow may be bomb, but without any mascara on, it looks crusty and weird.

Also, if you’re more of a bare-faced babe (like myself) you’ll find that mascara adds that extra bit of uniqueness to a look. Unless you put on 25 layers of course. GOD, I hate when girls have their lashes COATED in such thick, clumpy mascara, and have those BITS ON THEIR LIDS FROM TOO MUCH MASCARA. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. I KNOW IT ALSO GETS ON YOUR NERVES. SO DON’T BE THAT PERSON. I’LL STOP SCREAMING NOW OKAY.

Anyway, here you have it.

The legend. The myth. THE mascara.

>> Lancôme Hypnose Waterproof<<


Why waterproof though?

My eyes tend to get very, very, v e r y watery. I swear, it’s like an 87-year old woman lives inside me, it’s crazy.  I’m not saying the regular version of this mascara is bad or anything, but this one is just a little more long-lasting, for me and my drenched eyes.

       What’s so great about this mascara, that makes it different from the others?

You can customise the volume you want.

One coat = soft, natural (what I usually do)

Two coats = Defined but not cakey (aka the situation we talked about earlier)

Three coats = “What lashes are you wearing?)


Okay, but…how much?

This mascara retails for about 27 dollars, which is a fair price, since Lancôme IS a luxury brand. But for the amount of product you’re getting (a lot) and also the quality of the product, it’s more than worth it. Trust me. This is money very very well spent.


FTC: this post is not sponsored. I’ve bought this mascara (many times before) with my own money, and I have not been paid to say anything about this product. All opinions are my own. Honesty is key to my blog :).

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