Getting A Puppy: My Tips & Advice







Are you broke? Do you eat Maggi noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you only use the neighbours’ Wi-Fi because you don’t want to pay for yours? Then, do NOT get a dog. As long as you cannot maintain yourself, a dog would be much more difficult to take care of. Depending on the breed, having a dog can be very expensive and picky.

BUT, if you do manage to take care of yourself + make a good amount a profit and feel lonely, then I highly recommend you get a dog.

Having a puppy is like a therapy, almost like a medicine: seeing those lil puppy dog eyes might make you melt away, even just thinking about them.

Here, I have made a list of all the things you should know about getting a puppy, that I’ve experienced on mi own skin!

1.Make sure you have time for them!

If you’re at work 24/7, then getting a dog might not be very advantageous for you. A puppy needs love, time, attention, and walks! (and baths)

2.Which breed?

If you live in an apartment, I recommend getting smaller breeds, basically dogs that don’t grow in size too much. For example, a pug, or a bichon, as my little puppy is.

But if you do live in an actual big ol’ house, and depending on your liking, you could also get the bigger breeds, such as Labradors, Boxers, or even a German Shepherd. It all depends on what you like!

3.ALLLL the supplies


  • don’t invest too much, he might only play with 2 or 3
  • he might be drawn to old toys, like teddy bears (which are Oreo’s fave toys) or even household items (Oreo lovessssssss toothbrushes)
  • dogs LOVE squeaky toys
  • make sure you get a toy for him to bite on, like that little red bone, you don’t want him/her to be chewing on your couch!



  • make sure it’s comfy lol what else would there be to say about beds



  • do make sure to get him a few cosier clothes, since some breeds can catch a cold if they’re outside and not fully protected.



Before taking them outside, make sure the puppy is over 2 months old.

At first, they won’t really move. Hell, Oreo HATED his first walk. But, what is important here, is persistence. Take him out everyday, at a specific hour, to get him used to walking. After a little while, he’ll even go to the bathroom outside!


  • step in harness
  • retractable leash (life saviour)
  • clothes (depending on the weather)
  • his favourite toy, in case he gets bored quickly


If he’s very little, PROTECT HIM/HER FROM OTHER DOGS. Whenever a dog walks around, with or without an owner, take the puppy in your arms. You never know what they might be up to. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.


You shouldn’t give your dog a bath too often, because it might change his skin pH. But, from time to time, maybe once a month, a bath is important. Even after you get home after a walk, it’s okay to wash their legs under the sink with some NATURAL soap. I’m talking the OG, the olive oil soap your mum used to wash you with when you were little.(only me?…)

If little evil bugs have decided to visit your doggy’s fur, there are special shampoos and powders, but it’s always better to ask the Vet about this.


I ain’t no vet, go on and get yer pooch checked!


7.Potty Training

It takes a puppy 9 months to fully learn where he should go to the bathroom and where not to. Persistence is key.


  • doggy nappies: these help a lot! Whenever he pees on the floor, take the nappy with the absorbent part and allow the puppy to smell it. He’ll recognise the smell and go there next time!
  • antibacterial wet wipes: whenever he makes a mess on the floor, do that nappy trick, but also wipe it away with these tissues, so the smell goes away and the puppy doesn’t feel it.
  • you can also try one of those sprays: you know, the ones you see in pet shops. Some might work, some might not. You’re supposed to spray it a few inches away from a newspaper (i know, who reads the paper these days?!) and allow him to smell it, and he’ll apparently go to the loo there next time. It does say it takes time for the puppy to be fully trained, but OF COURSE, I had little to no patience and gave the spray up.

Whenever they go to the bathroom in the wrong place, first of all let them finish. If you interrupt mother nature’s course, they might pee on you. Facts. Second of all, tell the puppy a big ol’ “NO!!“. Don’t beat the puppy, he/she is too small to associate your anger with his/her actions. Be patient, and go out with them on a regular basis.



  • Oreo loves sticks
  • wet food is lil puppies’ favourite!
  • also dry food, that’s also tasty (for them, I haven’t eaten dog food for gods sake)
  • make sure you buy food for their age!
  • don’t overfeed them
  • whenever he does something good, like go to the loo on the nappy, give him a lil prize
  • have planned meals, about 3-4 hours distance in-between each


And there you have it! I really do hope you found this somewhat useful, having a puppy is a full on journey!

I remember that, as a kid, I used to BEG my mum for a puppy, I swore that I’d take care of him! And I never convinced her.

But, I was surprised that, after 9 years, my mum actually came up with the idea of adopting Oreo, and I still cannot believe it! Crazy!!!

If you have any more dog tips, make sure to leave them in a comment below, so we can all learn together!

Also, what’s your fave dog breed?

Love ya. Cheers, bye x