Christmas Touches + The Return Of Oreo! | BLOGMAS



(As I’m typing this, a very sleepy Oreo is peacefully snoring on my lap, and I feel like I could just melt away)

I finally decorated the tree! VERY late I know, but since our tree is natural and might lose colour fast, we always decorate it on the 20th ish. As I’ve told you in my Christmas Tag post, our family has a tradition of having a specific aesthetic and theme to our Christmas trees, and since last year’s theme was silver and blue, I believe, this year’s colour pick of choice, is red and gold. For once, my family listened to my ideas, and decided not to put any tinsel in the tree, because I feel like it just over packs it a lot, and also let me put the lights in the tree, and much to our bad luck, the red lights, which were also the prettiest, didn’t work anymore. I was very sad, because we had to use multicoloured lights with our yellow ones, which just RUINED my aesthetic! Fortunately, the newly-introduced lights had 2 settings, and that is green and blue, and..RED AND GOLD. PROBLEM SOLVED. Praise the lawrd. 

So I’ve decided to do this post of a sort of close up of my Christmas tree, I guess? But, I also remembered that you haven’t seen Oreo in a while too! And since a few of you asked me on instagram to bring him back, here you have it! Don’t you think thesephotos were easy to get, Oreo bloody HATES being on camera, he just can’t stand it! I hope you appreciate my effort lol. Okay, here you go. Fellow Christmas lovers, be ready.


please do not judge my rug okay thank you merry kitschmas


Love ya. Cheers, bye x